As far as I remember there is this childhood memory of me going to relatives place to share some gifts and get back the same amount .Diwali had always been about gifts,rangoli,lights,sweets and just for the sake of ‘Diwali’ few crackers. Diwali during childhood had always been a plethora of joy happiness and sharing.

But in 2017 when we lack real life connections,when all we do is connect via social networking sites daily but still miss face to face conversations. All we do is rather miss the moment of family  sitting together and all other little moments of happiness and  spend even more amount and time on crackers . We are just contributing to even more pollution and giving people even more tough life.

Why do we need to burn such ample amount of crackers?

to show off money ?

Well,yes, that’s what i think because if your neighbor shoots 7 rockets up in the sky you are all set to shoot a minimum of 10 the next moment.

But do we even realize that the pollution we are creating at night is to be inhaled by us only the next morning ? You are the sole reason behind global warming ,rising temperatures and surely nothing will happen if all we do is blame .


Its high time we take a step forward and at the same time a step back. This Diwali lets not spend large sum on crackers but instead feed someone , donate or just pamper ourselves and family. This Diwali instead of creating pollution sit with your family and create memories worth to be cherished later .

Karkey dekho achaa lagtaa hai.


The Not so mutual feelings

Whenever I see those fancy posts and super shining Snapchat and Instagram ‘Story’.
The one in which you are with all your friends ; Laughing..playing..smiling and enjoying to be specific.

I particularly ME . I get affected I have this thing always in mind that life is super happy for those posting their super happy moments because you are with ones who love you and support you know matter what . Without any glitch fake promises .

But little did I know that happiness can never be found with friends or anyone unless you are happy from inside and not at all if you don’t have a friendly atmosphere at the place you live in.

You spread happiness and positivity only if you have it inside. Maybe this is the reason why I have started spending more time with myself than others cause now I am so used to sit on the other side of the screen and seeing people happy .
living and fulfilling their aims that I still dream of. That I wrongly assume everyone out their to be mean. Some are mean all the time agreed and these people affect your life too . But its you who should just be confident all the time and know what is right and wrong for you and follow your dreams no matter what.
Search google but don’t stick to it.
Try and find rather make a happy place for yourself outside the wall of social media and you’ll get to know so much more , meet more people and probably explore the things you have been dreaming of.
With this I Sign off.

Nostalgia 💚

I know it sounds too​ exaggerated when you hear people saying they are missing their school life, their groups and most probably everyone they were around with in the past years ….but mind it, it’s true!
I too am one of those who get attached to people and places too​ easily. These 2 years of school life has brought about a great change in me as a person .
Spending 2 entire years in school and tuition might sound exhausting but in reality is exciting .
I still remember my first day in tuition surrounded by over 70 new faces sitting in almost the last row. And today when it was the last day of class I couldn’t stop myself from looking around the classroom one last time ..
And all I could see were faces too familiar…Some of which had become important in the past 2years .
A guy with whom I accidentally started talking to is actually someone I look up to as a brother. A girl who was just an old school friend became all time tution mate..A girl who banged into me during a match is the one people tag as my best friend.
A guy who I used to hate turned out to be someone more than just Bestfriends. He taught me to love my life and his too ..He taught me.to be confident and jealous at the same time .
All of these faces last time in one classroom which captures all laughters ..All doubts ..all notes and the tea session of Sir.

My dear school or should I say the palace that made me ME , a place that gave me goals along with opportunities.
Challenges along with success and so much more.
Teachers and Principal and a group of crazy friends whom I can surely tag as a family 💗
It gave me people who inspire me to live and to love.
The place that allowed to me eat during maths class and sing songs during English lectures.
I usually don’t mention names in my blog but technically it’s just a thank you note. And I would like to thank so many people’ muskaan, Rohit, Radhika, Tikam, Vishwa, Furqaan, Srushti, Snigdha, Simar, Shruti,vasuman, vanshika, Prashant,navya,sanjana, Aditya, Abhinav, Arushi, Rishabh…….And the list goes on.
Thank you for handling this wild flower and making it blossom everyday.
I know majority of these won’t be there soon …But I’ll always remember everything..
The Hangouts..The birthdays..The gossips..The fights…And The Love and friendship.
Ek doosre se roothna …Mananaa … chidhanaa… the terribly tiny talks is what these 2 years have been made up of.

World beyond words💬

Believe in yourself

I hope one day all of us connect and fight beyond blocking and liking.

I hope one day I meet you outside the world of Facebook and skyping.

I hope one day we like each other in real life .

I hope that one day your sarcasm hits you back like a knife.

I hope one day your edited pictures just transform themselves to the real one.

I hope that one day your and my harsh conversations can be undone

Stop judging people…I mean come on just because he/she didn’t post anything for you or about you shouldn’t make you feel they aren’t your friends or they don’t care for you…Can a single post a single  picture …a comment be the judging factor for future or can these posts tell us how strong our bond is.

I don’t think so. If you and your friend love each other ….understand each other then why the hell is our world revolving around likes comments and posts?

Maybe these social networking sites have won in ruling our lives  than our own real life networks .

I hope we respect our real life connections more than the posts we share…

Toh socho unn chaar dewaaron ke paar.

.Kyunki tumhare liye intezaar KAR  hai ek khubsurat sansaar

Me and my body

Patli ..Maachis..haddi..And yeah how can I forget parallel line.
You think it makes me happy when I am called by such titles.
You ask me daily what diet do I follow to stay such thin ….Well I eat more than you.
Just because your figure is not like me doesn’t give you the right to nag me around with such names.
I think I am really beautiful not because I adore my figure but I find it perfect for myself.
It hardly matters whether I am super tall or short..Dark or fair ..Fat ..Or thin.

At Last even the most good looking people have committed crimes and the not so good looking ones fallen in love.
I think all of us are perfect in our own ways and hardly gives anyone out there a right to demoralise or mock us on the way we look or dress up.
Your are so busy calling me by such names that you forgot to notice the beauty in my eyes ..The warmth in my words …And the affection and respect for you that lies in my heart.
And the day you’ll notice it you’ll not only appreciate me and stop all these patli and sukdi of yours but you’ll fall in love with yourself too.


Dear Stress- Let’s breakup!


’17 year old girl committed suicide‘ , thats what the national newspaper got printed on its first page. And the paragraph below highlighted the reason-STRESS. They said she couldn’t handle it..no one said she wasn’t taught to handle it.

Growing up in a very pampered , happy environment is what most of us have been through. Our childhood full of cute little smiles and precious tears is what was Life to us.Some of us have even faced many disastrous situations in our childhood..some that broke us from within and some that just left marks on our lives. But often when we are subject to extreme pressure , especially during our teenage years most of us can’t handle it and end up sitting next to a counselor, someone experienced and if not that then trying our best to end up our awful life.

Even I am going through stress, rather most of us are be it mental, physical, financial., family related , love life , school life, stress of standing up to parents expectations , stress of getting into a good college and supporting our families , stress of making sure you handle all your friends nicely and bring a smile on everyone’s face and so much more.

But guess what in between all this we forget ourselves. We stop doing things we love and thats where we start hating our lives and progress onto a path where these suicidal thoughts are the first one to meet us up on our way.

Lucky are those who have friends and family to share all this, but even if you can’t share with anyone just take out a paper and pen it all down. Just do things you love to do , manage things in such a way that only important things fly around and not things like ‘making everyone happy’. Everyone can never be happy. I hope that if you are reading you are planning alongside not to suicide but to live another day for yourself . your existence matters.

Zindagi ek hi milli hai, Ismein din bharo and din mein rang ❤

Relationship status- In love with my space :D

Obsession …a form of love that destroys many and for me nothing comes before my respect..no love …no friendship…no family .
It might sound a stereotypical shit but I actually get shocked that even in this quick changing world the feelings of heart are growing more in a negative way than a positive one .
Not pointing towards any guy or girl but don’t you think your privacy ,…your personal life…your personal space ..is something that is just YOURS .
For the sake of 2 days ..or 2 weeks relationship you just can’t share your passwords and personal pictures…Just to please him ? Sorry to say but this just a wrong way of proving and showing your love . Go on do something good..Buy gifts and express your feelings But please maintain your privacy.
People who are not able to accept rejection …just keep on hurting themselves for years .
Instead of accepting the reality ..all they set in their mind is that either they are not worth it or all they want is to possess that person in all ways possible.
They think just because they love that person he/she will always work according to their whims .
she will eat what he wants and meet only those he allows her to.
She can’t hug another guy..can’t take pictures ..
Let your brain and heart breath …let your feelings be expressed provided it hurts no soul.
Let love be love and no obsession.
Let not your feelings kill someones independence …
Just let your real emotions be expressed in a way that he /she understands
and if not
Bhai zindagi bohot chotti and kaam bohot zyada..so move on to a better piece of work ❤

A love story…Yeah a Story <3 !

Pyaar ..The so called feeling of love… BULLSHIT.
only one out of every 50 teenage love stories are carried of till marriage…
Like woahh…only 1 out of 50…
And You are saying you love him/her,either you are trying to make me a fool or fooling your self
OK fine there is attraction…strange likeness ..sharing of mutual feelings.
But there is no indication that you two are gonna be together forever.
That too as a COUPLE. But yeah if you continue to remain friends…you are indeed lucky my child.
And half of you are not even clear about this concept…you often take this special bond of friendship or connection to another misunderstood level and call it LOVE.
I ain’t pointing out to anyone out there and saying stop falling for someone ..or stop getting attracted.
But my basic point is don’t do fake promises or misuse a persons feeling in the name of love.
Even parents Love us all a lot and we call this love LOVE cause they are always by our side no matter what .
And you who met a guy last year …fell for him last month…and went into relation last week are promising each other a FOREVER…
Get out of it be with each other..support each other .. help each other being better humans if needed..But be REAL <3.
Bhai forever ko barbaad na karo…sharmaa jayega apni existence sey abb ye word bhi.


I am the medicine of your aching heart!
Bandage of the broken part .
all u need to do is sit still,
all i will do is fill.
Fill the broken part,
with my own heart .
But, Don’t compare my love with her,
she’ll give you thorns but begin with fur!

AGAIN? yeah I fell in love again and this time it was again one-sided.

True one-sided love is one of the biggest mistake you’d do but you know what there is a bright side to it.

You don’t have expectations.

Often we kill ourselves with those expectations, because we expect our loved ones to do the things for us without saying and when that doesn’t happen we have an emotional breakdown or depression.

LOVE they say is a pure feeling, eternal and divine . And it is indeed, when someone loves you ,you feel special but when that someone loves all equally, don’t feel bad, feel special .

According to me it was in my destiny to meet him. during the initial days we hated each other . But now everything has changed and so has life. We are best of friends, each time spent with him paints itself on the canvas of my heart and brain .Each hand shake, smile, hug, gift, laughter, anger adds up as a new flavor to my life. Each moment converts itself to a memory. Often I feel afraid of losing him but then i go up to the first line of this paragraph. And tell myself to stop else it will happen again, the cycle of love will paddle again and the wheels of heart will move ahead.

But what happens when the first mistake comes infront of you after 3 years? Gonna chose your first love or the one you love now?
Life makes you stand often on ways which are further divided two..when taking decision consider your future too.